The transparency portal of the MARKANT Group

This initiative of MARKANT is set against a background of increasing demands for transparency on products and production processes on the part of legislators and consumers.

In order to ensure the quality and safety of products, their production methods and processes, it is necessary to have know-how based on comprehensible and reliable information.

ONE GLOBE is an information platform for industry and retail partners. It provides a structured overview of the latest legislative changes within the EU and Switzerland as well as guidelines, helpful practical know-how and merchandise knowledge. News from the industry and links to relevant websites of authorities and industrial regulatory bodies round off the service.

Our aim is to ensure you stay one step ahead through know-how! To this end, we promote know-how with ONE GLOBE – for even more transparency and joint, partnership-based retail.

Further features are constantly being added to our information service.

Markus Tkotz
Managing Director MARKANT AG
Christian Francken
Managing Director MARKANT AG